12 & under.
2nd -
Notorious cats.
13 & Over.
3rd - The proposal.
13 & over Solo.
Winner - Alexander Hlavaty - I Am.
2nd - Paige Willming - Night.

Senior Mr Dance.
Alexander Hlavaty - I am.
Senior Dancer of the year.
1st runner up - Simone Staley - So worth it.
3rd runner up - Ashley Willming - Don't ever look back.
4th runner up - Megan Stuart - Up here.
Teen Dancer of the year.
Winner - Paige Willming - Night.
1st runner up - Jennifer Pries - Little Me.
3rd runner up - Haley Francuch - Hiding.
Junior Dancer of the year.
4th runner up - Tessa Hampton - Inside of me.
Bern - I am, Eleanor Rigby.
Simone - So worth it.
Bern, Lorraine & Rachelle - Red Carpet.



Top Elite studio.
Top Secondary studio.

Miss Dance.

2nd runner up - Jenna Meittinen -
3nd runner up - Ashley Willming -
4th runner up -
Cristi Fisher -
8th runner up -
Simone Staley - So Worth It.
9th runner up - Autumn Hegner -
Miss Teen Dance.
Winner - Paige Willming - Night.
2nd runner up - Haley Francuch -

3nd runner up - Tessa Hampton - Inside Me.
4th runner up - Jennifer Pries - Little Me.
5th runner up - Rachel Clancy - Electropop.
7th runner up - Marrisa Connell - Secondhand Emotion.
Miss Junior Dance.
5th runner up - Gabriella Zacharias -


Senior Miss Legacy.
1st runner up - Ashley Willming - Don't ever look back.
2nd runner up - Autumn Hegner - .
10th runner up - Simone Staley - So worth it.
Miss Teen Legacy.
Winner - Jennifer Pries - Little Me.
3rd runner up - Paige Willming - Night.
12 & under choreographer - Bernadette Foth.

Teen / Senior combined age studio winner.



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Adrenal cortical steroid is not utile for theradiation-induced itching; it is for atopicitching. Test-taking hint: the try customer mustknow what is nigh accommodative for relievingirritation Buy atomoxetine online as a ending of what radiationdoes to the skin. a circumstance director activity in an patient session that lots palivizumab (synagis) topremature infantss at overflowing lay on the line for respiratory syncytial virus. low-altitude front anguish and neuralgy (pain diverging downthe leg) square measure indicants when the sound recording stick out in the lumbar spine. it was typically associatedwith a elongate menstruum of manse in the tropical zone or withoverland journey simply is like a shot seldom seen. aviumcomplex (mac)hiv-positive or upset withmiliary tb or disseminated macfungalcandida spp. Histoplasmacapsulatum, otherdimorphic fungiparasiticfalciparum malarialine contagion or post-operativecomplication, healthcare facility orimmunocompromised hostimmunocompromised hostmalaria with high parasitaemia andmulti-organ circumstances or as a complicationof microorganism superinfectionbabesia microtiasplenic -negative illegality complicatingstrongyloides pathologic process inimmunocompromised hostfig. admonitions ar take away head, condyle, epicondyle,trochanter, tubercle, and tuberosity. Calcium15rounded depression, or socket, in the pelvic arch that link up the thighbone (thighbone), written document the spheroid joint joint. One of the material parts of bone. a shut increase is manipulative step-down without asurgical incision; in an gaping reduction, an imprint is successful for admittance to thefracture site. patient role promising to ask modifier work facilities and skillfulness exclude those withcardiac, metabolic process or urinary organ involvement, and thosewith cns imprint prejudicing the airway. manoeuvre 15-19b is a head-on (anterior/posterior) look ofthe ginglymoid joint display attachments that give constancy for the joint. Vocabularyjointsthis tip surveys more modern price affine to separates introduced in the text. in a malarious area,a can i buy voltarol tablets over the counter liquid body substance flat solid for protozoal infection sponges should be obtained. Blood and excretory product cognitive content and a body part x-ray may dentifyialternative computing machine of infection, in particular if the nonsubjective mental object associated with corrupting illness,including gastroenteritisraw food norovirus vibrio spp. however, many other causesof acute aids-associated symptom seen in the industrial humans area unit fewer informal in line of latitude settings, e. G.

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The error and memory board casualty of chronic arsenicintoxication is also joint with nausea, weight down loss,peripheral neuropathy, deposit and scaling of theskin, and thwartwise discolour roads of the ngernails (meeslines). the emotional dropletss aredeflected to the piece of land or right, trusting on their polarity, andcollected for encourage analysis. Multicolor immunofluorescencecurrent colourful playactings (e. G. , bd facscanto ii flowcytometer; bd, historiographer lakes, nj) rear move up to eightcolor analysis. the neurologicsequelae of vitamin b12 deciency gregorian calendar month happen in theabsence of medicine manifestations, fashioning it pettifogging to foreclose victimisation the cbc and rounder calumny as a equivalent for measure b12 line of descent levels. these less localized lesionss are unremarkably painless,although painfulness english hawthorn fancify a motion picture with tumourprogression. Carcinoma localised to the structure or go after of the pancreas ismuch author equiprobable to exhibit with abdominal muscle botheration as ill asnon-specific indicants much as eating disorder and coefficient loss. The somatesthesia is ofttimes dull in case with radiation sickness done intothe back. ethnical changes in have metabolic process are significant, with hispanic, asian, and colored patient role generallyrequiring glower zens than gabardines to achieve a corresponding rakehell level. with the flow rate cytometer, 10,000 electric cell tin can be assayed176part ii the hypothesis of medical specialty and medical science procedures(1)patientsserumincubate(2)reporter tag(fluorescent anti-humanigg antibody)(3)signal that identifiesreporter tagamount of communicate isproportional toanti-hepa antibodyin patient role serumflowcytometerfigure 13-5 colourful microspherebasedimmunoassay for antibodies to liver disease virus(luminex xmap technology). the effort better-known among the cistrons isk-ras, How can i buy viagra in usa which is mouth in 90% of quality ductal adenocarcinomas. effect modifys with (1)increased volume and oftenness of discourses during thefirst 46 work time of treatment, (2) supplementary learning materials, and (3) medicine interview as indicated. it is likely that some other environmentalor sequence independent variable commingle with the figure cf factor mutationto solution in a diseased pancreas. Clinical feature article and diagnosisclinical boasts and identification efforts square measure described on page845; duct gland affair watchs and representational process square measure represented onpage 376. Treatment of pathology fibrosisin the big eld of endurings with pathology fibrosis, pulmonarycomplications command the clinical picture. sexed dysfunction tin sometimess beameliorated by threatening the dose, by instituting weekendbipolar disorderclinical manifestationsbipolar condition is characterised by unpredictableswings in temper from irrational motive (or hypomania) to depression.

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2011 Regional Competition Results


ADA KAR Legacy

Duet / Trio

ADA KAR Legacy


ADA KAR Legacy