Group pictures

Wednesday - May 5th - Shelby Studio.

Companies are grouped according to placement in ballet class.

5:15 Company E,
Rama-Lama &
Sam I am.
5:45 Company C & D & Tues 5:40 - 1
6:15 Company B &
Thurs 5:30 - 1
6:45 Company A &
Mon 5:00 - 3

There will be no solo, duet and trio pictures this year.


Feb 5 - 7
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May 7 - 9
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Overall weekend winner - 12 & Over - Feed The Birds.
3rd - She's Like The Wind

2nd overall 12 & under -
Lil Piggiez.

Male Dancer of the year - Alexander Hlavaty.

Junior - 4th Runner Up - Gabriella Zacharias.

Teen - Winner -
Paige Willming
Teen - 2nd Runner Up -
Taylor Cooper
Teen - 3rd Runner Up -
Jennifer Pries
Teen - 4th Runner Up -
Autumn Hegner

Senior - 4th Runner Up -
Ashley Willming

Diamond Choreography -
Lil Piggiez - Bernadette Foth.
Feed The Birds - Bernadette Foth.
She's Like The Wind - Bernadette Foth.

Overall Costume Award - Feed The Birds - Bernadette Foth.


Overall weekend winner - Ashley Willming - Without a sound.
Congratulations to our scholarship winners.
Chicago scholarship
Haley Francuch, Jenna Meittinen, Gabriella Zacharias, Jennifer Pries, Cristi Fisher, Anna Salvaggio, Alix DeLoof & Alexander Hlavaty.
New York scholarship
Taylor Cooper, Marisa Connell, Emily Costello, Alix DeLoof, Haley Francuch, Tessa Hampton, Hayle Hayes, Jenna Hayes,
Sara Hayes, Autumn Hegner,
Alex Hlavaty, Caitlin Kurmas, Jeremy Mason, Madison McKee, Molly Miller, Emily Owens, Isabella Pizzo, Laura Ponsart, Jennifer Pries, Hailee Randazzo, Anna Salvaggio, Mackenzie Smith, Simone Staley(2), Megan Stuart, Paige Swiss, Hannah Welch, Ashley Willming,
Paige Willming(2),
Caroline Zacharias &
Gabriella Zacharias.

Colleen Roberts Congratulations to Colleen Roberts for winning Junior Photogenic.

Saturday - Choregraphy award of the day - Paint Your Pictuce.

Sunday - Most entertaining - Musicians Dream.


Congratulation to all of our dancers who competed at Dance Masters of Michigan.

Miss Dance
2nd Runner Up -

Ashley Willming - Fame
3rd Runner Up -

Anna Salvaggio
- Devil in me

Teen Miss Dance
1st Runner Up -

Paige Willming - Beauty in walking away

Mr Dance
Alexander Hlavaty - The luckiest.


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Duet / Trio

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