12 & under.
2nd -
Notorious cats.
13 & Over.
3rd - The proposal.
13 & over Solo.
Winner - Alexander Hlavaty - I Am.
2nd - Paige Willming - Night.

Senior Mr Dance.
Alexander Hlavaty - I am.
Senior Dancer of the year.
1st runner up - Simone Staley - So worth it.
3rd runner up - Ashley Willming - Don't ever look back.
4th runner up - Megan Stuart - Up here.
Teen Dancer of the year.
Winner - Paige Willming - Night.
1st runner up - Jennifer Pries - Little Me.
3rd runner up - Haley Francuch - Hiding.
Junior Dancer of the year.
4th runner up - Tessa Hampton - Inside of me.
Bern - I am, Eleanor Rigby.
Simone - So worth it.
Bern, Lorraine & Rachelle - Red Carpet.



Top Elite studio.
Top Secondary studio.

Miss Dance.

2nd runner up - Jenna Meittinen -
3nd runner up - Ashley Willming -
4th runner up -
Cristi Fisher -
8th runner up -
Simone Staley - So Worth It.
9th runner up - Autumn Hegner -
Miss Teen Dance.
Winner - Paige Willming - Night.
2nd runner up - Haley Francuch -

3nd runner up - Tessa Hampton - Inside Me.
4th runner up - Jennifer Pries - Little Me.
5th runner up - Rachel Clancy - Electropop.
7th runner up - Marrisa Connell - Secondhand Emotion.
Miss Junior Dance.
5th runner up - Gabriella Zacharias -


Senior Miss Legacy.
1st runner up - Ashley Willming - Don't ever look back.
2nd runner up - Autumn Hegner - .
10th runner up - Simone Staley - So worth it.
Miss Teen Legacy.
Winner - Jennifer Pries - Little Me.
3rd runner up - Paige Willming - Night.
12 & under choreographer - Bernadette Foth.

Teen / Senior combined age studio winner.



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